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Carnage Contest

I noticed this a while ago, but wasn't arsed to tell it.
If you go on the Carnage Contest page and see the third screenshot, you see there's a guy "Remix++" chatting. His team is Supreme Carnage (light blue ones, his name might be green but CC doesn't colour teams by player name). Guess who is he.
Oh yeah, me.
That's my old nickname, and Supreme Carnage is my old CC clan. Actually, I was the leader of the first ever clan for that game.
Not believing in me?
Check the clan page @
As you can see, it was made in end of 2009, close to the CC release date. And Remix++ is my old nickname, you can confirm here:
And today, I made a new feature being implemented in the upcoming Carnage Contest version, see:

Suddenly, I feel special.


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